Saint John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are Catholics, in complete mutual communion with the Pope of Rome, faithful to our Eastern Christian heritage and theology.

The Byzantine Catholic Church in America is one of the 23 churches that make up the Catholic Church.

Our ancestors in the Faith came to the United States from Eastern Europe (now Ukraine and Slovakia and Hungry). Today members of the Byzantine Catholic church come form all countries, and nationalities. We are present in all 6 continents. Our faith in the Jesus Christ is for everyone.

Can I worship with you?

Yes. We welcome all people of good will to worship with us.  We worship Him in Spirit and Truth and seek first His Kingdom.  It is He that calls us. 

What is Divine Liturgy?

Our Sunday worship is Called Divine Liturgy. This is when we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord by Proclaiming his message in Sacred Scripture and Receive His Risen Presence in Holy Communion.

 Can I receive Holy Communion?

All Catholics who are properly prepared are welcome to receive. Orthodox Christians are encouraged to follow the Canons of their Church and are welcome to Holy Communion.